Welcome to my portfolio. You will find all of my work as well as hobbies posted on this site. If you wish to commission me for custom character art or game assets please feel free to contact me xEclypze@yahoo.com


Below I have posted a few pieces of artwork I have either created as a personal project, for work, or as a commission.


Games & Projects

Yak Runner

Yak Runner is a fast paced side scrolling runner. Collect apples to purchase new characters, mounts and other assets while you dodge obstacles at high speed!

Imagination6 is a single person Indie Development company.

Available on IOS and Google Play

Tools used to design this game:

• Unity 5

• Illustrator

• Photoshop

• Spine

• C#

• xCode

Print & Graphic Design

For the past year or so I have been designing either 90% or all of the GreenPages which are printed quarterly. I started without any previous knowledge in magazine or print layout. I am also the sole web designer for Star Nursery, you can see more of my web design here: www.starnursery.com


Video Editing

Unfortunately, the commercials that I had created for Star Nursery are not allowed to be posted. If you would like to view them please contact me xEclypze@yahoo.com

My tasks in the commercial production:

• Create, Design & Animate any Graphics

• Video Editing

• Recording, Altering and Editing Voice Overs

• Exporting, and Uploading to Required Stations for Proofing and Submission